My Punchcard

This program was developed for a client who had a large workforce of hourly employees in San Diego and Denver.  Today, our client has reduced their payroll processing time from 2 full days per period, to about 15 minutes.  My Punchcard factors applicable state and local hourly worker rules and regulations into it's calculations.  My Punchcard can interface with most popular 3rd party payroll processing services (ADP,etc.)

My Punchcard deals with most of your typical HR requests and issues.  If you forget to punch in, the system will send you an email.  Forgot to clock in after lunch?  No problem, My punchcard has functionality that allows users to correct these types of problems.  Best of all, your HR personnel (or whoever does your payroll) won't have to spend their time chasing down mis-punches, verifying vacation time or sick days, etc.

Check it out: http://www.mypunchcard.com

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